DUI Lawyers


Driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs is the crime or offense of driving. If you have a professional driving license and you are charged with a traffic offense, your license can be suspended. There are a big number of lawyers who are not DUI Specialist Attorneys, but they are practicing for business profit only.  When you need to find the best lawyer to let you get out of the thick and stressed legal process, our firm Local Attorneys 360 guides you through the legal process, keeping you informed of legal developments. At Local Attorneys 360, we provide professional and expert attorneys’ representatives to individuals who have been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol. Contacting an experienced Los Angeles DUI defense attorney is one of the first steps you must take if you or a loved one has been arrested. 


Real Estate Lawyers

real-estateReal estate attorneys prepare deeds for conveyance transactions, leases and rental agreements, purchase contracts and financing agreements. Real Estate Lawyers have sophisticated experience with many types of real estate transactions. When things go wrong in real estate transactions, real estate lawyers step in to file and defend lawsuits in court. Some states require buyers to have a real estate lawyer present at every transaction. Real estate lawyers at Local Attorneys 360 have training that allows them to spot problems that their clients do not recognize. Real estate attorneys at Local Attorneys 360 specialize in mortgage and trust deed foreclosure, particularly during difficult economic times. Our real estate attorneys at Local Attorneys 360 in Los Angeles perform many duties for the clients, for example:
  • Draw Up Documents
  • Negotiate Sweet Deals
  • Review Sales Transaction
  • Engage in Litigation
  • Handle Foreclosure Proceedings
If you are looking for a real estate attorney in Los Angeles, Local Attorneys 360 is the right place for your real estate needs.

Bankruptcy Lawyersbankruptcy

Bankruptcy, like most legal matters, is a process and the safest route is to have an attorney guide you through the process if you want to succeed. A good Bankruptcy Attorney will give you peace of mind if they provide at least these four things:
  • An initial consultation – usually free! – to get an overview of your case
  • Advice on options available, including what type of bankruptcy to file
  • Completed paperwork necessary for filing bankruptcy
  • Representation when the case goes to court
Given the complicated procedures surrounding bankruptcy filings, you're probably better off with a bankruptcy lawyer who can protect your rights as a debtor. At Local Attorney 360, we have bankruptcy attorneys who settle your issues skillfully to dig you out from financial issues. With years of experience, our bankruptcy lawyers are serving in Los Angeles professionally and providing authentic law services. We own your worries when you come to us and we try our maximum efforts to save you further inconveniences. 

Personal Injury Lawyers

A personal injury lawyer performs many important duties. These common functions include:
  • Explains your right
  • Provides advice
  • Represent in court
  • Completes a professional investigation
  • Connects with medical providers
  • Better assesses damages
  • Works through a variety of legal processes
personal-injuryA personal injury lawyer’s primary purpose is to see justice and compensation served to the injured party. Frequently, a personal injury lawyer at Local Attorneys 360 will settle out of court on behalf of our client. At Local Attorneys 360, our personal injury attorneys have a strong code of ethics, a dedication to justice and compassion for our clients. Our personal injury lawyers possess strong research and analytical skills as well to adequately gather and examine data in support of our client’s case. Unlike other lawyers, personal injury lawyers at Local Attorney 360 don’t charge an hourly rate. Personal injury lawyers at Local Attorney 360 help plaintiffs receive compensation for their losses, including loss of earning capacity due to an inability to work, pain and suffering, reasonable medical expenses both present and expected, emotional distress, loss of consortium or companionship, and legal costs and attorney fees.


How much does Prepaid Legal cost?
Pre-paid lawful prices concerning $300 a year. That's about $3,000 over ten years. The typical American customer does not spend $3,000 in a ten-year amount of time on legal costs.
Does prepaid legal cover divorce?
Prepaid Legal Services for Separation: Why This Is Not a Great Idea. Like insurance coverage, prepaid lawful solutions permit you to pay a collection quantity regular monthly to aid cover costs for future lawful problems. Although very little help is readily available through these solutions, some individuals try to use them to spend for an uncontested divorce.
Can a lawyer give free advice?
As a basic issue, just a lawyer may give actual lawful advice, whereas any kind of non-lawyer might state legal information. In addition, it is typically prohibited for a non-lawyer or unlicensed attorney to offer legal suggestions or otherwise represent a person aside from himself or herself in a court of law.
What are free lawyers called?
A person that is incredibly in-need (i.e. poor) and obtains legal services as a charity (these free lawyers call this type of work 'done for free') Somebody that is assigned a totally free attorney by the criminal courts (these totally free legal representatives are called Public Defenders).
Do Lawyers give free consultations?
Many attorneys provide a cost-free appointment to ensure that you have an opportunity to establish if she or he is the appropriate individual for you. You will not obtain many lawful suggestions at this consult because it is not indicated to fix your lawful question, however, it is rather a possibility to identify if you wish to employ this lawyer.